Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Jackie Chan

I've noticed more and more race and gender problems out in the world. One thing I read in QUICK yesterday was an interview with Jackie Chan, the actor. He was begging Hollywood to stop the incorrect portrayal of Asians in movies. He was upset at the way Asains are shown in the movies and he was arguing that it was unfair and wrong. I found this interesting because most, if not all, of his movies have poked fun at Asains in some way or another. He also plays a Ninja or some sort of martial arts expert. The story was short, because it was in QUICK, but I am interested in knowing what made him come to this reasoning. I wonder if he was feeling guilty or having second thoughts about the roles he has played in the past. I also wonder if the way people respond to him has gotten to him. He has made a lot of money based on Asian sterotypes which I bet can be hard to face sometimes. If he doesn't take another type-cast role then what he said will be meaningful. But if he does end up doing another cheezy action movie where he and another minority are faced to interact with eachother, then he will look like a punk. I thought it was cool that he stood up to Hollywood and brought this problem to light. I think it would be awesome if more and more actors and actresses come forward and make a stand against the roles that they are given. It helps when someone with a known face speaks out because they can get more attention and be heard over just a regular person. Not that actors would actually strike against Hollywood, but these small steps can start to make a difference. Maybe the next time that a director or writer create a role for an Asian person, they will think twice about sterotypes.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Cosmo Sucks

So I went to the hair place on Friday and the most popular magazine there is Cosmopolitan. So unfortunatly I looked through it to pass the time. What I found was nothing new but it still bothered me. Cosmo had the craziest story about what a man wants you to do in bed. The story was four pages long of all the things that a man wants to have done to him or said to him while you are doing it. Some of the things were so crazy and degrading. I hate to think that a young girl is reading this and thinking that she has to do this things to get a guy to like her or something. I can't believe these women writers sit down and write this stuff up and then feel good about themselves and their job. I don't care how much money they make, I would feel terrible about what I do if I was telling girls to be someone else and do these things that may not be you but who care, you're getting some. This world is so crappy sometimes. Another part of the magazine had an advice section that was just as ridiculous as every other page. There was one woman who wrote in on advice about trying to change her reputation because she had slept around alot in the past and now she is known as the school tramp. The magazine said to forget everyone else and be proud that she got so much action and that everyone else is just jelous of her. I don't know what the right advice would be, but being proud of being skanky isn't it. I hate that magazine and everything it stands for and how it portrays women and how it makes women feel and what it tells young girls to feel or do.
On to another subject. I like how we are talking about tv and movies now. I am a victim to watching some really sterotypical shows, I have to admit it. I love Sex and the City and Desperate Housewives, and I wish I didn't. I know they portray women sometimes in a wrong way. I am glad that we are talking about the Dave Chappelle show. When I'd watch his show and some of his skits I felt weird for laughing at some. He makes fun of his own race so much and says the "n" word so much, it gets uncomfortable. But it is still funny and it is kinda sad that we all like it I guess.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

About the Movie

Well it has taken me a few days to soak up the movie. I wanted to wait and collect my thoughts and think about how I really felt about what the movie was trying to say and how it made me feel. I guess my initial thought was that the whole thing was overdone. I liked the message Spike Lee was getting across, I just thought it was too much. I think he went overboard with the sterotypes and blowing everything out of proportion. My favorite part, the part I thought was the strongest, was when the main character was putting on his black face. The sad music in the background added to the scene. But I didn't like how the rap group shot the guy. I didn't really see their point in shooting him. I guess I didn't get hit that hard by the movie, it didn't make me want to do something or change anything. I also didn't like how the cops shot the African Americans but not the one white rapper. I thought that was just in there so Spike Lee and everyone can say that only African Americans get shot by the police, I just thought it was a far stretch. Another thing I didn't like was how Spike Lee was saying that he hated all the images of how African Americans are depicted, yet he showed it the whole movie. I also didn't get his point, I didn't get what he wanted me as a person to do after seeing this movie. I can't go back and change the past or what anyone did, and I didn't do that to anyone either. I think it would have been more powerful if the movie had more present day examples of these sterotypes. I know that a show like that would never make it onto t.v. so I can't really relate to the fear or tragedy that the show caused in the movie. He should have showed an actual show on t.v. today and what is wrong with it. It is obvious to see how black face and the other ways African Americans were depicted back in the past, but there was a lot of things going on then that wasn't right, that is what learning and growing and change is about. It was so far fetched that I couldn't get into it. Maybe I should watch it again.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Female Sportscasters

Since we started discussing the female sportscasters, I have started to think a little about it. It didn't really bother me at first. I think it is a huge step in equality to have women in male job positions. I think it is about time that jobs are no longer gender based, but quality based. I think men and women can do the same job as long as they have the right qualifications. I thought all this until I actually sat down and watched a football game with a female sportscaster. I didn't think I would even notice the change, but it really caught my eye. The woman was so bright and blonde that it was almost distracting. It was hard to focuss on the interview. I dont' know if I was distracted because she was a woman or if it was because she was so Barbie-like. I know it won't be long before she is in Playboy or something like that. I hate how men can be unattractive and be on t.v., but you better be beautiful if you are a woman on t.v. I see more unattractive men on t.v. than women. It's like the only role we can play. It just gets old sometimes. I think it's awesome that women are sportscaster and breaking the mold, but I wish they weren't so typical, like she could be on a soap opera and be a newscaster.
Another thing I noticed was the ads for Desperate Houswives. I love that show even though it is very sterotypical of a housewife, soccermom and single parent. The ads are sometimes questionable. One ad I saw had all the women laying in a pile of apples and the caption read, "So tempting." It used the Adam and Eve senereo and the sinful apple. The characters are so amazing that I wish the sex wasn't pushed so hard. I think just as many people would watch it regardless of all the sex ads. Even though the show has a lot of sterotypes, it makes it entertaining. It's hard to hate the sterotypes because they are so true. And I think that is what is so hard about sterotypes, they are there because so many times they are true and it's hard to argue that. I think they become degrading when they hurt people or are not true.
So back to the female sportscaster thing. I hope that the women do not give into Maxim or Playboy to become famous. They should set an example to young girls that you can make it on your own because you are good at what you do, not because you can pose naked. There is no skill in that. Even though their ride to the top will be slower than a man's, it will be better for the dignity and for all women's.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Class on Wednesday was very interesting. It is so weird that advertising are so far behind and are still sterotyping people. I can't believe how many ads lack race diversity and age. I had a gossip magazine and the only ads in there were of young beautiful women. I also noticed that if an ad does have a person of color, it is not clear their race or even if they are someone other than white. Another thing we discussed that sparked my interest was about the race or gender of sucessful people. I hate how no one can be sucessful or smart for who they are, race or gender is always brought into discussion. I remeber watching the Grammys and it was the year Denzel Washington won best actor and Halle Barrie won best actress. It was so annoying how she stood up there and said it was for all the African Americans that have never won and it was about time they won. I wish she would have just accepted the award for being a great actress, which is what the award was given to her for, not because she was an african american. She turned it into a race thing and she isn't even a full african american, she has a white parent. I understand that it was a breakthrough for two minorities to win, but maybe the world isn't out to get minorities, maybe the white people that won really were better actors. Another issue that bugs me is how race is involved in politics. Like how we ask, "are we ready for an African American in the presidency?" I wish it wasn't like that. Why can't a person hold a position because they deserve it, because they have worked hard for it, instead of a race issue where everyone feels we owe it to a race or because it looks better to have a diversed business. It gets old I guess. Maybe one day we will look at someone and say they deserve that job, they work hard and they know what they're doing, instead of putting a person in a position so you don't look raciest. Anyway, enough ranting. This class has really made me look at things differently. Now I count how many minorities are in an ad or what the messege is. I think it's a good thing. And I know you said this in class, but I am praying for you still.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Another blog

I am blogging again. I have been trying to look at more ads on t.v. and in magazines to see if anyone is not doing the gender sterotype thing, and it is really hard. I see more and more ads with beautiful women, barley clothed and selling something. When I went out this weekend I even saw a real life advertisement walking around selling something. This bar had young, good-looking girls walking around selling shots of some kind of liquor. It is sad that people put themselves in positions like that. I think it would be funny if they had a fat, drunk girl walking around selling liquor because that is what will likely happen if you drink that.
Something else I noticed was what you had mentioned one day in class about how people will try to make a profit off anything, even cancer. I see it everywhere now. There are ads saying if you buy this you will receive a free pink bracelet for breast cancer awarness. I even saw it at the mall. Big signs saying support cancer awarness and buy these jeans and receive a free pen or something. I think they are trying to make people aware, but sometimes the message is clouded by the item they are trying to sell.
I can't wait till we talk about the new sports casters at the football games. I just noticed it the other day. I was watching a game this weekend and there was this young blonde girl interviewing a big sweaty football player. Right there they had a two big sterotypes, a strong male athelete and a beautiful ditzy women. I think it's good to have women as sports casters but it is ironic that they are all really good looking.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Blogging Again

Ever since we have been discussing the ads out there, I have been noticing it a lot more than I used to. I don't have t.v. right now, which I think is a good thing because I waste a lot of time doing nothing. So I have been reading more, which I think is better. But I have noticed the ads in magazines and in newspapers. It is sad how women are objectified in every ad. I think this affects relationships and how women are treated. I think it is also ironic that women are in advertising and are making decisions of what they should run on t.v. and in print, and yet they let it out there still. I think the factor here is money. I think people know it is wrong and it is hurting women and causing a lot of problems but it works in advertising, so they will continue to do it. I don't think there is an easy answer or one at all. As long as people keep buying and supporting products with ads that sterotype and degrade women, then we will be faced with it.
I did catch a show last night that was of coarse about Katrina, but it was on animal planet so it was about rescuing animals. Anyway, I noticed one Swiffer commercial that had a man doing the cleaning and thinking it was fun and the wife and daughter watching him. That was good that it showed a man cleaning, but I did notice that the man was nerdy and very unattractive, but the wife was hot and in great shape and way out of the man's league, I thought this was interesting.
I really think this class in very interesting and forcing us to face these problems out there. I think later in life if I raise kids it is going to be very difficult to teach them the truth and to avoid sterotypes and the molds that society wants them to fit into.